Katherine Westerhout and Jim Haynes at Electric Works

by Admin on 01/16/2012

Electric Works‘ dual solo shows, Katherine Westerhout “At Long Last” and Jim Haynes in the Project Space explore the dynamic processes and rich visual aesthetics of decay and erosion within the urban landscape.

Only using available light and no staging, Katherine Westerhout photographs disused architectural spaces from Yonkers, New York to Oakland, California.  Her work artistically documents the lost beauty (or perhaps a new beauty) of past architectual ages, while retaining its sublime aesthetics. The works illustrate how our physical and emotional relationships to spaces change based upon the architecture’s form and function. Because her photographs center on the lost architectual spaces of the United States, they also examine our shifting attitudes about the preservation of our architectual history. In this way, the examination of the spaces becomes in many ways an examination of not only ourselves but also as a whole, where America has been and where it is going.

Visual and sound artist Jim Haynes’ abstracted images formed by photographs of abandoned spaces and objects with accents of rust can be found in the gallery’s Project Space. This fashion in collecting the works in a large grid pattern is a unique choice which brings the artist’s small works to form a formidable visual language, all throughout lies the similar message of the visually striking nature of the processes of erosion and material degredation. When placed with sounds that exhibit a different sense of time, the two disparate works form interesting parallels of decay in relation to the perception of time. His work has been exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Westspace, Melbourne, Australia, Diapason, New York, Jack Straw Productions, Seattle. He writes about sound art, noise culture, minimalism, and general music experimentation for The Wire, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Metro Pulse, The Sound Projector, and Chunklet.

Katherine Westerhout “At Long Last” and Jim Haynes in The Project Space will be at Electric Works until February 18, 2012.