The Popular Workshop: Thobias Fäldt & Klara Källström, “Lightning Appears For A Clear Sky”

by Admin on 08/01/2012

“Lightning Appears For A Clear Sky” at The Popular Workshop is the first major American exhibition of Swedish photographers Thobias Fäldt and Klara Källström. Since 2005, the two have worked on various photography projects together ranging from books, exhibitions, public installations, and editorial work. Representatives of an emerging generation of European photographers, Fäldt and Källström and their collective works exist within a unique confluence of fine art, photojournalism, and commercial publishing.

Thobias Fäldt & Klara Källström, “Lightning Appears For A Clear Sky”

Their trademark use of flash photography combined with seemingly mundane subject matter and environment results in an abstracted and almost voyeuristic view of daily life. Subtle yet engaging, these photographs of lived experiences are without context and paired seemingly without reason, which creates a dream-like narrative. This pronounced narrative ambiguity, where context and geography are all but totally absent, calls attention to the previously discarded moments before and after the narrative’s climax, while concurrently highlighting the importance of those banal moments. Thobias says, “I see suggesting a narrative as the moment of build up in a story. the story comes with the pictures that, together, make something to be told; I make up the story afterwards.”

Thobias Fäldt & Klara Källström, “Lightning Appears For A Clear Sky”

The exhibition features work from their Year One, Gingerbread Monument, and 581c series, each one published in book form by their own independent B-B-B-books publishing company. Of the Year One series Thobias has said, “None of the pictures from my series, ‘year one,’ are planned or staged—they’re always snapshots—but i try to frame the picture so you don’t know where it’s taken and you don’t get any geographic information; no answers are given.” The pair have recently shown at Trafó, House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest. Thobias has a show at Galeria Plan B, Berlin, while Klara has exhibited at Swedish Museum of Photography in Stockholm, Institut Suédois, Paris, and has artwork permanently placed in the Stockholm subway. In 2006 Fäldt received the Scanpix Big Photo award for his Year One project.


Lightning Appears for a Clear Sky will be at Popular Workshop through September 7.